Manage projects online
Hosted EPM 2007 is the perfect tool for organisations to manage their projects in a better way (online). Hosted EPM 2007 offers unique online possibilities to lead and control your projects and by doing so you can reduce the runtime of projects and save money. It is also very easy to make calculations or generate surveys or connects documents and files to the project environment.    

The simplicity of online Project Management
When u manage projects in more then one locations, with multiple persons or with a project manager with a flexible workspace, you have high requirements for security. Most of the times when the security gets higher, the possibilities get lower. By using Hosted Project Perrit takes care of all these things. Both the security and the availability are guaranteed, the only thing you need is a internet connection. This way you got access to your Hosted EPM 2007 account allways and anywhere.  

Hosted EPM 2007 contains a central recourse management system. This system manages the available capacity of your organisation. By using this versatile managementtools you can easily spread your available recourses on the projects.

Higher productivity
The succes of a project strongly depends on good co-operations, and good communication. Having clear processes allows the teammembers to exchange knowledge, co-operate in a effective way and adapt when the situation changes. Even if the teammembers are geographical spread. 

Portfolio server
Office Project Portfolio Server 2007 is part of the EPM Solutions wich allows you to manage portfolio's top-down with Office Project Server 2007. Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Web Access gets configured with the Project Server Gateway and offers topmanagers, portfolioanalists and program- and projectmanagers all the information from both servers.


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