Work mobile and flexible with Hosted Exchange
Hosted Exchange from Perrit offers you many possibilities. It allows you to share agenda's with your colleague's, you can read your e-mail all over the world and synchronise your contacts.

You can do this all over the world, no matter if you are on the road, in your hotel room, in your office or at home. With Hosted Exchange from Perrit the options are unlimited. It is also a significant cheaper as having your own Exchange Server.

When you order MS Hosted Exchange we take care of the managed, maintenance, the hardware, the software, the security and the back-up of the Exchange environment for a fixed monthly rate. Our user only need a internet connection to have access to all the features of Outlook 2007

Access allways and everywhere
Hosted of Exchange provided by Perrit offers the users different options to get access. When a user is at his home or at the office he/she can use the regular Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 mailclient. When the user is on the road he can use the Outlook Web Access, Outlook Web Access light and Perrit even offers support on Outlook Web Access with push mail (realtime agenda/mail/contacts on your cellphone, available for Windows mobile, Apple Ihpone 3G, Nokia N- and E- series or the Palm Treao). So no matter where you are, you always have a easy to way to get access to your data.

(N.B. Perrit also supports Microsoft Entourage or Apple Mac OSX with Hosted Exchange). 

Hosted Exchange and small business
Many small companies consider getting a own Microsoft Exchange Server, this is because Exchange offers you many benefits. Allthough most of them cancel their plans because it is a big investment. With Hosted Exchange you get exactly the same as having your own server, but it only cost you € 3,95 a month for each user!  

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