Instant Messaging and meeting on distance
Hosted OFfice Communications Server (OCS) allows you to contact your colleagues and relations in real-time. This means you dont have to travel large distances for a important meeting, the only thing you need is OCS and you will reduce alot of time and money.

Instant Messaging for Businesses
The user can check the availability and accessibility of his colleagues and relations in OCS. By working that way, contacting the right persons get's alot easier and means more efficiency. You can check if a person has a meeting and check if he is on the phone. De status of a person can get connected to your Exchange agenda so, if you want, authorized persons can see the deatails of your agenda.

Business Instant Messaging has a end-to-end encryption security to ensure sensitive information does not get public. Messages can also be archived and can easily be searched later.

Webmeeting solutions
Besides Instant Messaging OCS offers the possibility to have meetings on distances. Distance does not have borders anymore! With Hosted OCS meetings are as effective as possible all over the world! This saves alot of traveling time and of course money. You can easily start a video conference, share documents, give presentations, even use a whiteboard! The documents of a meeting can also be easily archived afterwards.

Conclusion: Office Communications Server realizes a big reducement in costs by communicating in a effective way!

Integration with other solutions
Within Hosted OCS offered by Perrit it is possible to integrate Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint or Project.

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