Access always and everywhere
On a daily base alot of time is lost on finding answers and answering questions. After meetings you have to check your voicemail, mobile phone and e-mail to stay up to date on important matters that need your attention. If you work at home, at the office or anywhere else, you want to work on the same way and be available for contact all the time.

Work together in a effective way
Hosted OCS allows you to have access to same information, edit this information and share it with others. If a customer has a question you can easily ask a expert or have a mini-meeting with your team members wich will lead to a easy and fast way to find the right answer.

Have efficiënt meetings
Distances don't know boundries anymore! Having meetings does not have to be fysical. Hosted OCS allows you to have meetings on every location all over the world. This saves much time and therefore costs.

Sharing knowledge fast
The organisation of events, courses, education and seminars for groups is very expensive and time consuming. Unified Communications simpliflies the transfer of knowledge without traveling time and further costs, but with visual, audio and interactive possibilities.

Business benefits
• See in a glace what person, department or wich team you can contact
• Call or communicate through other channels with one mouseclick
• Working together easier: exchange documents directly, watch and edit a document at the same time, give presentations and interact with the others.
• Save yourself traveling time, travel costs and communication costs.

Technological advantages
• Make one standard for all of the communication tools and manage them on one platform
• Make all of the communication chanels with one interface
• Works together with excisting investments; by the open specifications and cooperations with phone and hardware suppliers it is easy to add new features to your excisting infrastructure
• Save speach, data, video, instant messaging and voicemails easily together

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