Your office allways and everywhere available
Allways and everywhere access to your workspace. Only a internetconnection is needed to access all your software and documents. Your own designed Office workspace is the same on every place and every device, this can be a regular computer or even a PDA. With this feature working at home or working on a other extern spot much easier!

Good facilities for sharing data and online co-operation are very important for you and your colleagues to have access to all the up-to-date information to make responsible decisions and work effective.

Increase your productivity with familiar software
Microsoft Office 2007 is based on the familiar programs wich you and your colleagues allready know. This base has been developed to a big integrated system wich you can use for the most diverse problems. Microsoft has designed some of their programms to fullfill all the specific needs of smaller companies

Simple upgrades, management, support
Implement Hosted Microsoft Office in your organisation with minimal impact for your colleagues. Hosted Microsoft Office has many different functions, such as digital certificates and signatures, dat security and -recover and other specific function, to secure the programs and documents. A worry we will take care of, so you can fully concentrate on your daily work! 

For a fixed amount of money per user, per month you get acces to Hosted Office. You don't have to make a big investment in hardware and soffware and you got no worries about the installation, maintenance and management. You allways got access to the monst current version

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