Share your documents online with SharePoint
Hosted Microsoft SharePoint 2007 provided by Perrit offers you many possibilities. You can work efficiĆ«nt at home and get mobile access to (a part of) your network. Furthermore you can keep your customers up-to-date on the progress of a project and it allows you to work online with your colleagues. This is all possible with SharePoint from Perrit.
Create your own smart portal Maak uw eigen slimme portal
MS SharePoint lets you easily create your personal online portal wich allows you to work on, exchange and share documents. When creating a portal you can chose between many standard options or you can implement (or let others do the implementation) your own unique design.   

Integration with other solutions   Integratie met andere oplossingen
Perrit intergrates Hosted SharePoint solutions (SharePoint Hosting) in existing structures (websites, extranet or intranet) or develops a unique solution for your organisation. Perrit also offers solutions where Hosted Exchange or Hosted EPM are connected to SharePoint applications.              

Who uses Hosted Microsoft SharePoint?
The possibilities with SharePoint are unlimited. In big organisation it is used as a document management tool. International organisations exchange information and small organisations offer employees a cheap and secure platform to work at home.  

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