LiveMeeting: Connection between organisations
Office Live Meeting offered by Perrit allows you to establish a better connection with other organisations because of online meetings, activities and training. Office Live Meeting 2007 allows users to work together with collegueas and connect with customers and partners. In this new version the usability has been improved. The meetingclient has new looks to make it even more natural to work with. The meeting leader has many tools to share data and make himself clear, therefore other participants will understand the presented information better. Customers of Perrit use Live Meeting to train their employees and to update customers and partners on new products.Office Live Meeting 2007 has the feature to organise webseminars for intern and extern participants and can, if needed, but can be adapted for presentations for a bigger audience

Keep the attention of the other participants
You can fascinate people with the features of Live Meeting 2007, for example integrated audio, video and media within meetings. Office Live Meeting 2007 takes meetings to a next level by grouping multiple communication channels like live and recorded video's, chats, slides, shared applications, VoIP- and PSTN-audio and feedback-tools for the present people. Organizers of meetings can easily keep the attention of the people during a meeting. Furthermore, by giving the participants the opportunity to give real time feedback the presentation can easily be adapted.

Reliability meant for big organisations
Office Live Meeting 2007 offers a reliable service wich is great for bigger organisations. Thanks to the years of experience organisations can count on service, reliability and security.  

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