Platform ondersteuning

Feature / OS Windows Linux Android 2.1 Android 2.2 Symbian 3
Asset management ja ja ja ja ja
Initial install (OS deployment) ja1 ja nee nee  nee
Remote software distribution ja ja ja ja ja
Software usage monitoring ja nee nee nee nee
 Power management ja ja2 nee nee nee
 Self service portal ja nee nee nee nee
 Anti-theft security features ja3 ja3 nee ja ja


1.Initial install is not supported for devices running on Windows 2000. Other features of Miradore are supported for all Windows versions from Windows 2000 SP4 to Windows 7.

2.Linux client does not collect power usage information from the device, but it supports power management capabilities such as scheduled startup and shutdown of the device.

3.Remote anti-theft security features include remote lock and wipe of target device. The software distribution feature allows performing selective wipe for Windows and Linux devices, as it enables a possibility to define a package that removes selected files from the target asset when the package is distributed.

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