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Perrit Hosted Online Software Business Value

Today's Challenges

External pressures on businesses are many, and result from a changing political, economic, competitive, and technological environment.

The push toward global markets brings the need for worldwide communication and collaboration, along with new challenges from increased competition and complex local regulatory issues. Niche businesses are competing with established brands. As more and more business is conducted online, security issues develop from users accessing company applications and data from a variety of locations and using a variety of devices. 

Businesses are experiencing a tough economic climate, with a corresponding need to cut costs wherever possible. However, there is a corresponding need to be well positioned to take advantage of the future economic upturn. Staying not just in business, but also remaining competitive and ready for regrowth, demands an intelligent and agile response to the current financial pressures.

What businesses are asking for
Businesses of all sizes and in all markets voice consistent requirements when they consider their IT investments. The bottom line is that IT should help to:
• Save money.
• Increase productivity.
• Grow the business.
IT is often seen as key to supporting a business’s core operations, but also as a significant cost in terms of equipment and staff. The key then is to optimize the benefits of IT investments by increasing efficiency and sustaining and growing the business.
The Online Services Opportunity

 Opportunity is often created during periods of hardship or change. The opportunity that Perrit Hosted Online Software offers you is to help grow revenue while at the same time reducing costs.


Online Services take selected IT operations off your premises and deliver them from the Web instead. In the process, you are able to choose the blend of on-premises software and Online Services that best suits the present stage of your business. Making rapid adjustments to this blend is one of the key benefits of Online Services, and allows you to grow your IT services at a pace that best supports the growth of your business.

More Choice, Lower Costs

Perrit recognizes that businesses may already have a significant investment in on-premises software that is providing many of the IT services they need. For some of those services, and for new opportunities for collaboration, Online Services can offer customers more choice at lower cost. Rather than proposing a wholesale shift to Online Services, Perrit has pioneered a “software as a Service” model in which customers can capitalize on the combined value of both on-premises software and online services. With this approach, customers are not asked to focus solely on online models but can instead choose to blend online and on-premises IT investments to maximize the value of each.


This strategy of offering deployment choice and flexibility is central to the Perrit goal of providing predictably priced, enterprise-ready services—with the option for ongoing improvements and technology upgrades at no extra cost.


Perrit Hosted Online Software comprises a complete ecosystem of features and capabilities designed not just to meet, but to exceed the security and availability goals that you have for your business applications. Best-of-breed data centers host highly secure servers that are operated according to verified, industry-leading best practices. Your data is secured and maintained to the highest standards at each point from data center to desktop, and world-class support staff is fully trained and ready to provide help whenever you may need it.


Nevertheless, handing over control of your IT service to an online service provider requires due diligence. You are likely to raise the following questions immediately:


• How experienced is my online service provider? And how can I be sure that my service is as reliable and safe as my service provider claims it is?


When you use Perrit Hosted Online Software you benefit from our many years of experience in designing, deploying, and operating software for online service environments.


In addition to implementing the Perrit Hosted Online Software, Perrit can work together with you and a third-party on compliance audits, like intrusion tests to provide a high level of assurance to our customers. This also helps our customers satisfy their legal, regulatory, and compliance obligations.


• How secure is my data against such risks as data loss and viruses?


Businesses can make considerable investments in attempts to ensure that IT service disruptions or data loss do not threaten their ability to continue operating. Perrit makes that investment for you, providing data archiving and retrieval so that accidental or malicious data loss can be corrected with minimal disruption.


Our Online Services are designed from the ground up to be secure. Perrit takes a holistic approach to building in security measures at each stage of service delivery, ensuring that applications and data are secured to the highest industry standards. End-to-end security involves applying world-class expertise in all of these areas:


• The data centers that physically host the online services are carrier-class. Dedicated networks of filters, routers, servers, and data storage devices are, in turn, duplicated, for some applications even in geographically remote data centers for redundancy.
• The network connection from your business to the Online Services is secured by certificates using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. Networks within the Perrit environment are designed with physical and software architectures that further protect the integrity and availability of your data.
• The infrastructure, consisting of the software that operates the Online Services, deploys applications-level security measures such as virus and spam filtering to help keep your inbound and outbound transactions safe. In fact, security measures within the Online Services infrastructure are likely to be more stringent than an enterprise might provide within its own premises.
• Your business: Security measures are most effective when they require little or no intervention by your staff. Online Services provide a secure online sign-in client application, which provides simple one-step authentication for your service users. Straightforward Web-based tools provide a secured environment in which your administrators can manage your online services.
• Will my applications and data be available to me when I need them?


Proactive monitoring and testing of Perrit Hosted Online Software helps identify potential problems before they impact customers. Web transaction monitoring continually checks for overall service availability, and also monitors changes in the overall performance that may affect services.


World-class support, operations, and risk management staff provide a 99.9-percent availability guarantee.


Ideally, your business should always be operating on the latest and most efficient software for maximum productivity. Perrit Hosted Online Software keeps you up to date, maximizing the value of your investment and keeping your staff more productive by eliminating the need to go through software deployments to get the latest software and service updates.


Access from Anywhere

Employees can securely access Online Services from anywhere through an Internet connection, without needing a virtual private network (VPN). This easy access to information and applications lets users extend their productivity when away from the office. For example, salespeople will be able access the latest version of the sales presentation from your hosted online SharePoint environment without establishing a VPN connection first.


Integrated Online Services and On-Premises Software

Online Services do not require a 100-percent commitment from day one. Designed to coexist with your on-premises applications, Online Services enable you to migrate selected services to the online environment, while maintaining interoperability with those applications you choose to maintain on-site. As your business grows and changes, you may decide to revisit your decision—maybe it makes sense to move a different division of your company to an online deployment, or to gradually increase the percentage of staff using online services.


Powerful, Familiar, Mature Applications
Your Online Services users get the full functionality of the applications that they are accustomed to. They get the great rich-client experience of e.g. Microsoft Office Outlook®, Office Word, and Office PowerPoint®, and the rich functionality of Office SharePoint Server—including portal, content management, and collaboration capabilities. And you can drive down costs by enabling Web conferencing with Office Live Meeting instead of traveling to meetings. All this with the server integration you’ve come to expect, such as SharePoint libraries synchronized with Office Outlook, and full-function document editing features that are launched from within SharePoint sites.


The simplified administration and offloaded operational maintenance of Perrit Hosted Online Software enable you to make the most of your IT people resources—putting them on the most important projects.


Simplified Administration

Online Services offer simplified administration, minimizing the requirements for in-house IT expertise. Tools such as Web-based interfaces and single sign-on to multiple services make it easier for your users to access and manage their services securely and efficiently.


Your end users benefit from simple and secure access to their services through the single sign-on application, which makes creating and using strong passwords absolutely straightforward.


More Efficient IT Operations

IT operations costs are easy to overlook, but can represent a significant overhead cost for your business. Online Services reduce or eliminate your operations costs. Online Services also take care of keeping up with the latest industry best practices for high availability and security, without the need for you to maintain that expertise in-house.


More Responsive to Workforce Changes

Online Services are much more responsive than on-premises IT services to any increases in workforce. You don’t need to resize or purchase more hardware: you just add users, and Perrit handles the operations and hardware setup. Mergers and acquisitions, too, are more readily assimilated because services can be readily tailored to support latest business requirements. And with no server purchases or deployments to worry about, you can quickly provide a newly acquired business with communication and collaboration services.

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