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In General

Perrit Online Services Catalogue provides information to partners and customers about the technical and nontechnical support included in their subscription fee to one of the Perrit Hosted Online Services. Perrit takes into account the type of support that best meets an organization’s requirements and expectations, organizing that support into three phases:


Pre-deployment phase. Perrit can help customers select the right service level, set up trials, and get information about service plans and pricing. For more information, contact a support representative at no cost by going to call-me-now or call +31 74 7501220.

Deployment phase. Perrit has specialized deployment partners with proven deployment methodologies to help customers plan, prepare, and migrate to the cloud. For more details about these services and pricing information, go to or call +31 74 7501220.

Post-deployment phase. Perrit provides enterprise-class basic support as part of the cost of the subscription, which includes installation and setup as well as break/fix support for technical issues. Depending on the Service Level, this support is available 24x7 and covers multiple countries. In addition, Perrit provides a rich set of self-help and community resources. For more information, see and Availability and Languages later in this guide.


This Catalogue focuses on the roll-out and set-up as well as the ‘break and fix’ support services included with every Perrit Hosted Online Software subscription purchased directly from Perrit or through one of our valued partners. The details of this document are intended to provide customers with a thorough understanding of the basic support services included in the subscription fee.


In this Catalogue one can also find the support options that are not included in the subscription fee (i.e., access to a Technical Account Manager, deployment planning, advisory guidance, or customization issues), customers can purchase additional support on a pay-per-incident basis.


This paragraph describes the structure of the Perrit Online Services Catalogue with the context between the different chapters and appendices.


In the negotiation of the document with the contractor, at first the general agreements for the standard products and services will be recorded, after which per product/service specific agreements will be described in a separated service level agreement.


The Online Services Catalogue describes as much as possible agreements on the highest level of service, with exceptions separately described on a more detailed level.
Specific detail overviews and definitions can be found in the appendices.

Service Catalog related to other documents
This Online Services Catalogue is part of the overall Framework Agreement between Customer and Perrit BV.

The goals of this Online Services Catalogue are:


• To describe the products, services and provision of services which Perrit possibly in cooperation with third party suppliers delivers to the customer;
• The Online Services Catalogue is part of the contract agreement between Perrit and the customer.


The target audience of this Online Services Catalogue is customer management, contract management and service management.


The service descriptions in this catalogue represent the delivery of the services. The catalogue is in principle valid for one year, but a different period can be agreed upon between Perrit and the customer.
All prices mentioned are monthly prices per user, unless stated otherwise.


Prices will be indexed per year.

Products and services in scope

The following services are in scope of the Online Services Catalogue:

• All Online Services on the Perrit Price List

Business Application Services


Furthermore the relationship with other services is described in terms of building blocks. Contracts, OLA’s, SLA’s concerning relationships with these services are not part of this Service Catalogue.

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