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Voice over IP

The modern alternative to a classic telephone exchange


A flexible service instead of an expensive device. Make use of the many benefits of VoIP without the large investments and without the need to employ specialists. Work and call anywhere, flexible, complete, pay-as-you-go, save and work more efficient.

Hassle free modern communication, ready for the future. Cloud Communication. Welcome to the 21st century.

Our VOIP PBX service provides all the capabilities of a business VoIP phone system, but entirely online as a service without costly investments or complicated maintenance. Managable via a simple web portal, pay per month for used services and save directly on telephone costs. You can cancel your subscription monthly, now that's freedom!

Complete and flexible. Work everywhere with Hotdesking. Flexible expandable with group circuitry and queues. Fixed / mobile integration, zo you're always reachable, even on the move. Conferencing with multiple people, also with people not working at your company.

Of course you can still use your existing phone numbers. Dutch Phone numbers, but also international numbers (over 40 countries) may be linked to the service. VOIP PBX uses open standards (SIP, RTP) for communicating with the telephone sets, so all modern IP devices (that operate on the basis of the SIP protocol) may be used.




Add and delete users. Create group circuits or queues. Link phone numbers to users or groups. Adjust your numbering plan. All of these management tasks can be easily performed via the web portal itself. Complete control and immediate results.

All of this without having to install and maintain an own server. No own emergency power supply. No separate service contracts or technical training. No duplicate, redundant connections. No spare parts, no backup devices. No hassle. If your network is encountering a power outage your hosted voice service remains active as usual in our data centers and you'll remain reachable. Safe and secure.

Flexible workplaces? Homeworkers? Frequently on the go? Log on to a phone in the office, at home, or a softphone on the road, where calls can come in and can be used to call. Multiple offices are seamlessly integrated. No complicated transfer actions, no more private telephone claims and immediate savings on the mobile subscription.

Forward to mobile because you're unreachable on the fixed number or the user is not logged in? Each user can set his own accessibility via the web portal. Despite everything, unreachable? Or intentionally unreachable? Callers can leave a voicemail which can be delivered as an email. All messages together for maximum efficiency. The voicemails can also be overheard by phone and archived or stored.


With SimulRing the mobile device will ring along with the fixed number and you can pick up the device you like. Convenient for mobile employees who do not always want to log in and out. If you picked up the call on a mobile phone the call can be easily transferred to a colleague on its fixed number. And of course the caller's number is visible on the mobile phone.

There are times that the servicedesk is too busy to immediately help everyone. Then queues in handy. The caller knows where he's at, and could eventually be given the ability to leave a voicemail after waiting a few minutes so he can be called back.
Larger contact centers have the possibility, depending on the crowds, to switch flexible agents on or off. The contactcenter manager will keep a perfect overview and control via the web portal or via the additional reception station.

You can easily create conference rooms in which multiple people (both internal and external) can dial-up. The use of a PIN locks out abuse, and the participants can be managed via the web portal or by phone. Efficient meetings without fuss, and without expensive extra equipment or additional services.


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