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FAQ Questions Online Workspace

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FAQ Online Workspace


What is an online workspace from Perrit now actually?


Via Citrix or RDP you logon into an online environment where you can manage your documents by means of a SharePoint folder structure which standardly is part of the online workspace.

Main condition is that you have access to an internet connection.



What does the online workspace standard consists?


The standard specifications of our Online Workspace are:

a. 3 GB personal storage
b. 10 GB shared storage (per environment)



What are the options for the Online Workspace?


As an option to the standard Online Workspace you can choose for:


Hosted Exchange

MS Office Standard

MS Office Professional

Your company specific application


What is the minimum quantity Online Workspaces?


One Online Workspace is the minimum


What does Perrit deliver as an Online Workspace?


A working environment where the applications used by employees are hosted on a central virtual server. De applications can be approached through the internet with a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


For whom is the Online Workspace suitable?


Everybody who:


  • Wants to work place- time- and or device independent with the business utilized software.
  • Wants to save costs by not investing anymore in a new server, with accompanying software and the installations/updates.
  • Has the need for a new server and is wondering if there isn’t an easier way.




  • Companies in every single line of business with all kinds of sizes.  For example companies who want to save costs and are seeking for a better control of their expenses.
  • Companies who are already having a part of their applications in the cloud, but who are searching for an integrated solution.
  • Companies with a private cloud environment.
  • Companies with a lot of flex workplaces, account managers of ZZP-rentals (project organizations)
  • Companies who are at the turning point to redecorate their own ICT control or user environment or to renew it.
  • Companies who want to restrict themselves to their core business activities
  • Companies which operate on international markets.


Among others:


  • Retail companies
  • Sales organizations like employment agencies, sales organizations in all kinds, trade organizations and so on.
  • Organizations with a lot of external hired personnel, like constructing companies, project organizations, project developers, event agencies and so on.
  • Logistic companies like  wholesale traders, forwarding companies and so on


Who are struggling with…..


  • The question whether employees can also work at their homes or remote with their own device.
  • High investing, housing and maintenance costs for workspace decoration.
  • Safe storage of data
  • The investment in a new server
  • The management control and updates of software


What does our product offer?


  • The choice between 2 kinds of an online workspace, among which the Citrix Online Workspace and the Microsoft RDP workspace.


Both offer the following advantages:


  • Everywhere access to their own workspace environment with all applications needed from any device
  • The possibilities to having the desired application added so there will be created a tailor-made Online workspace.
  • Updates of applications can be executed quickly and are immediately available for everybody
  • Suited for Windows, Mac OS, Android or iOS
  • Control on the ICT budget by the fixed fee per user per month concept
  • Safe storage of data and automatically back-up facilities
  • Dutch technical helpdesk support during office hours
  • 24/7 support during malfunctions
  • The guarantee that the data is being stored in the Netherlands
  • 99,8% availability guarantee




What is not necessary anymore with an online workspace?


  • No investments in hardware- software licenses and costs for maintenance. Version management and others things necessary anymore.
  • Billing is effected through a fixed price per user per month concept with makes the on and of scaling of users, within the applicable subscription period, very easy.


The Perrit Online workspace: how does it work?


You can access your working space everywhere in the world where you have access to the internet. It is possible with the Online Workspace from Perrit.


You log on through a secured link with a unique username and password in combination with your own environment.

Once logged in you have access to all your programs, files, mail, and etcetera, like you are sitting on your own working place.


The Perrit Online workspace: how save is it?


For many people “hosted” and “cloud” is an intangible thing. And because of that aspect, doubts arise to switch to such services. The hardware and the data aren’t stored on premises at the own company anymore and with that also the control about the data seems to have left the company gates.

These concerns are understandable but with today’s technology not necessary anymore.  Perrit offers fully certified datacenters and an active security policy. With this the security is being tested and improved structurally.


How are applications being connected to the Online Workspace?


As a standard the online workspace already contains a large variety of standard applications See the overview on the Perrit website.


But, here it does not end! Do you have a company specific application or bookkeeping application which you want to be part of the online workspace then this is also possible. Together with you we will view which application it concerns and a planning will be agreed on for it. The software will be installed by us and connected to the Online Workspace. After this we will take care of the migration of the data. From that moment on you have access to the application in the Online Workspace. Of course you will continue to determine which employees are allowed to access this and all the other applications.


Which kind of Online Workspaces does Perrit offer?


Perrit offers the Citrix Online Workspace and the Microsoft RDP Workspace.













What are the main differences between Citrix Online Workspace and Microsoft RDP Online Workspace?



Microsoft RDP


Local Printing



USB usage



Extra Applications

Is working excellent with not too heavy applications on a working space with a fixed internet connection

Is working excellent with all

applications (also the heavier

/customer specific)

On a working space with a fixed internet connection

WiFi network

Is working well with a connection through Wifi network

Is working faster than RDP at a connection through a WiFi


Graphical applications

Is working acceptable but not faultless at graphical applications like Photoshop or AutoCAD

Is working excellent at graphical applications like Photoshop or AutoCAD

Smooth Roaming



Citrix remembers a session, so when a laptop is being closed

and reopened elsewhere the user can work further normally


Lower than Citrix

Higher than RDP


What are the prices?


For this we refer to our Perrit Pricelist.


What are the most common objections or second thoughts?


How can I access my Online Workspace?


This is possible through “Connections with external desktop”. The data you need for this will be supplied to you as soon as the Online Workspace is being delivered to you


Can I access my Online Workspace with my tablet?


This can vary per type of tablet. With some tablets it is standard possible to make a connections with the “external desktop” or “RDP”. For the iPad and Android tablets there are Apps available in de App Store from Apple and Google Play for Android.


Can I use an Online Workspace on a Mac?


Yes, this is possible. A connection will be made through the Online Workspace via “external desktop”. This functionality is standard present on an Apple computer.




I am using own software. Can this also become part of the online Workspace?


Yes, that is possible. The own software can be installed by us.


Can I add users afterwards?


Yes, this is possible. When your organization is expanding you can easily scale the number of users.


I am connecting my employees to a VPN connection to their data. Why would I switch to an Online Workspace?


The deployment of a VPN connection from another PC still requires a certain level of knowledge from VPN of the employee. This is not the case with the Online Workspace.  A significant argument to prefer an Online Workspace in favour of a VPN connection lies in the cost aspect and in managing them.


What to do when certain applications are running on a separate server (outside of the network)? Or what to do when the costs of control, housekeeping and/or maintenance our getting sky high. And what to do when new patches have to be installed, but when there are actually no time and no personnel resources available?

In these kind of circumstances the transition to an Online Workspace is the best choice. All the control, al the maintenance, all updates, backups, etcetera will be taken care of.

All Applications can be approached, whether these are on the network or not. Also you don’t have to look after it anymore and just have to pay a fixed amount per user per month and can scale up or down with the quantity of users within the Online workspace applicable subscription terms.

Also it is possible for every user to call our helpdesk in case of questions.


I want to approach my Online Workspace through WIFI. Is not that performing very slow?


When you have a modern broadband connection, you have a connection speed with is more than sufficient.


Don’t I have much more control when I am working with an internal solution?


You keep the finally control about the content of the Online Workspace.

You control for example the functionality of all application and you control which right every employee has to which information. The complex daily functions for system control will be carried out for you. Think for example of the case of the control of the operation system. The carrying out of patches, the refining and maximizing of performances, the improvement of the protection against viruses and cyber-attacks, the making of back-ups, and the archiving of information.

In this way you will keep the control of all the essential parts, while the underlying processes and security are being taken care of for you at the background by Perrit.

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