Advantages of Live Meeting
Using Office Live Meeting from Perrit allows you to participate on meetings all over the world without long preparation and for just a fracture of the usual costs. Following is a top 10 of ways Live Meeting can increase your productivity.

1) Travel less
Because you can work online and in real time with your collegueas, you don't have to leave your desk in order to speak to your collegues. A big time saver!

2) Easy to work together
Only things you need is a phone and a computer with internet access. You log in, schedule a meeting, upload your presentation and you are ready!

3) A huge return on investment (ROI)
You can benefit of huge savings since you do not have to pay for software licences your investment will be repayment will be soon!

4) Increase the productivity
Because you need to spend less time traveling, you simply have more time for more usefull things. For instance, have more meetings!

5) Work together visually
Interactive tools like the electronice whiteboard allow you to make notes, workflows, and more; all in real time.

6) Simple access to earlier meetings
You can save the content of a meeting, and even allows extern participants to print these. It is also possible to record a meeting with video and audio.

7) Expand your clientele, withouth geographical restrictions
You can easily increase the size of your clientele. People are easily approachable, no matter where they are,

8) work together in real time
You can share, analyze and work on documents in real time. All participants can see the same information, just like they are sitting next to you.

9) Availability you can count on
ith a availability of 99.999 percent, you can full rely on Live Meeting. Teh meeting can even continue when technical problems occur, you just open the presentation on the computer of a colleguea!

10) Improved security
With nine levels of security, including the possibility to request a password and the encoding of notes make Live Meeting a secure surrounding to save all your presentations!


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